Specializing in Power Skating, Hockey Skill Development, Learn to Skate, Learn to Play Hockey, Ringette Development & Adult Hockey 

Complete Skating & Hockey Lessons


Learn to Skate & Play Hockey / Ringette

The Warrior Development Program is designed for both boys and girls aged 3 and up and will have a progression of levels for each child to go through as they master the art of skating and hockey development.  Your child will have an opportunity to learn how to skate, play hockey or ringette no matter where their current skating or hockey / ringette skills are set.  At BHOH, we can place your child in the most age and skill appropriated level in our program to help continue and grow their skating and/or hockey or ringette development.

Warrior Skating Levels:

Tot Learn to Skate (3-5 years)

Parent and Tot First Strides 
Tot Learn to Skate – Bronze (Level 1) 
Tot Learn to Skate – Silver (Level 2 & 3) 
Tot Learn to Skate – Gold (Level 4 & 5) 


Youth Learn to Skate (6-12 years)

Youth Learn to Skate - Bronze (Level 1) 
Youth Learn to Skate - Silver (Level 2 /3)
Youth Learn to Skate – Gold (Level 4 & 5) 
Youth Learn to Skate – Platinum (Level 6) 

Warrior Hockey / Ringette Levels: 

Tot Hockey or Ringette  (3-5 years)

Recruits Program (Level 1)      
Rookie Program (Level 2)          

Future Stars Program (Level 3)     
Rising Stars Program (Level 4)      


Youth Hockey or Ringette (5-8 years)

Learn to Play Hockey

Learn to Play Ringette


All Stars Power Skating & Skills  Development (8-12 years)

~ Hockey: Atom/Peewee

~ Ringette: Bunnies/Novice/Petite

Rep Prep Power Skating



Beaudies House of Hockey and Skating now offers 3 unique levels of Adult Hockey Development for beginners, intermediate and advanced. 

Beginner: Adult Learn to Play Hockey – Level 1: 
The program is designed to take beginner or never played hockey players and work on the fundamentals of skating and work towards introduction  to Power Skating in a comfortable, instructive, safe and fun environment.

Intermediate: Power Skating – Level 2:  The program will encompass graduated Level 1 players and lower level recreational hockey players playing men’s, ladies or coed hockey.  During this course players will receive formal instruction on elongated strides, recovery, inside/outside edges, V-starts, forwards/backwards cross-overs, backwards skating, pivots, Mohawks and stopping.

Advanced:  Power Skating and Hockey Skills – Level 3:  The program will encompass graduated Level 2 players and intermediate to advanced recreational hockey players.  During this course players will follow the Hockey Canada Skill Development Pyramid which starts with teaching/correcting the technical skills of skating and skills leading into individual tactics, team tactics, team play and game like strategies.

​​RECEIVE the ultimate coaching experience with Private Lessons from Coach Debbie Beaudoin


With a cover 20 years of professional experience playing and/or Coaching, Coach Debbie applies her personal history to each Private Lesson and designs skating and skill specific lessons for each client. 

Private Lesson Sessions could include:

  • Fundamental Power Skating techniques in edges, balance, stride, recovery

  • Puck handling drills 

  • Shooting technique

  • Acceleration, quick feet, transitions

  • Personal mentoring based on athlete's stated goals​


Through Coach Debbie's guidance and professional teaching / coaching skills more than four-dozen of her athletes have entered onto Rep Hockey Teams.