Complete Skating & Hockey Lessons

Weekday Warrior Youth Ringette Development Program

Mission Leisure Centre

Program is designed for both boys and girls aged 5 and up and will have a progression of levels for each child to go through as the master the art of skating and ringette development.  Your child will have an opportunity to play ringette no matter where their current skating or ringette skills are set.  Here are BHOH, we can place your child in the most age and skill appropriated level in our program to help continue and grow their skating and/or ringette development.

Requirements for Ringette:  Tot and Youth Ringette Players all need to wear full hockey equipment and have a properly sized ringette stick.  All Helmets must be CSA approved with a full face cage and must wear a BNQ neck guard. 


Learn to Play Ringette: Class Size 1:10 (Teacher Ratio) 

Program is designed for skaters who would like to play ringette in the future and for those who are currently participating in ringette.  Participants should have successfully completed a credited Learn to Skate Program Level 2 or passed BHOH Tot Weekday Warrior Program.  Participants are required to be able to stand, fall down, get up without assistance, skate forward and walk backwards.  Learn to Play Ringette will teach introductory power skating and ring skills.  Coach Debbie will introduce age and skill appropriate drills while in a structured and fun environment.  Pre-requisite:​ Non required.  Full Hockey Equipment is required.  Program is ideal for those in Ringette

All Stars Ringette Development:Class Size 1:10 (Teacher Ratio)

BHOH offers 1 hour Group Lessons without parents.  Our Skills Development sessions will teach proper ringette skating techniques for stability in a player's balance, corrective routines to enhance proper body positioning, long strides, quick recovery, explosive acceleration, mobility and agility, forwards and back-wards skating, crossovers, tight turns and stops and starts while using a puck.  Player's tendencies are to slow down and stand up when in possession of a ring.  BHOH will provide correction and technique to keep current speed and provide tools to increase speed and power.    Program is ideal for Bunnies, Novice or Petite.​​

Specializing in Power Skating, Hockey Skill Development, Learn to Skate, Learn to Play Hockey, Ringette Development & Adult Hockey